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Harley Davidson Golf Car 1960s
Just as the first balls were being hit down the fairways across Chicagoland in the Spring of 1963, Bill Nadler asked himself, "Why does Spring hold such anticipation for golfers?" Relaxation and stress relief was the answer he came up with.

5000th Harley-Davidson Golf CarFrom that answer, came a vision. If golfers hit the greens for relaxation, why should they spend half their time on the course walking from hole to hole? In other words, why walk, when they could ride? This concept, coupled with Bill's love of all things mechanical, brought golf cars to the Fox River Valley, and gave birth to Nadler Golf Cars Sales.

Selling the original three-wheeled Harley Davidson golf car, Bill traveled the Chicago area promoting the use of golf cars. As he did, not only did he sell a lot of golf cars, he established friendships that fostered loyal customers, many of whom continue to turn to Nadler Golf Car Sales for their golf car needs today.

Celebrating 50 YearsAfter establishing a partnership in 1981 with Club Car, the leading manufacturer of motorized cars in the country, Nadler Golf Car Sales not only successfully expanded their distribution of golf cars across the Midwest, they also began selling and leasing utility and other transportation vehicles. With this addition to their arsenal, Nadler Golf Car Sales is now doing business with hotels and resort facilities in and around the Midwest by selling the concept of "taking the legwork" out of the equation for property managers at the facilities.

CarryallWith his grandsons, Eric and Matt, now at the helm, Nadler Golf Car Sales has tripled in size over the past ten years. Though the day of the Harley has passed the tradition of quality and service that Bill established so many years ago has not. As a result, Nadler Golf Car Sales continues to sell the finest golf car value in the Midwest.